This Sold House

“Tops on my wish list for Diane Keyes’ This Sold House is that it would have been published about a year sooner. My family spent over a year trying to sell a home. If I’d had this incredible expert’s wisdom to call on, we might have saved ourselves money, time, and a fair amount of anxiety! Diane entertains and educates in this easy-to-read book. If you want to dive into the real estate pool, consider this book a life preserver!”
—Joan Steffend, host of HGTV’s Decorating Cents

“After having our condo for sale for a year, we got This Sold House and followed Diane’s advice. We spent around $100, borrowed a few items from friends and spent a week getting it ready. Although there were six other units for sale in our building—and lots of new construction around us—we sold our home after the first showing! We highly recommend taking Diane’s advice. It sold our house, and we’re sold on This Sold House!”
—Will Harpest, teacher and Chicago homeowner

I really enjoyed every chapter of this book! Diane understands that staging is not just about throwing furniture into a room to make it look pretty. To be successful in this business, the stager must possess creativity, be compassionate, and be knowledgeable in consumer lifestyles.  Thanks for going deeper Diane!
—Melanie Serra, Founder of The Home Stagers’ Guild

“While nothing beats Diane in person, This Sold House is the next best thing. This wonderful book is a must-read for realtors, sellers, and even buyers. If you or someone you care about is contemplating selling, you need this book. This is an edge that sellers shouldn’t be without.”
—Sarah M. Richard, Realtor®

“You should grab this book, read it cover to cover, and implement all Diane Keyes’ ideas, tips, and techniques. Unlike most such books, This Sold House is written for common folk with limited money and little time to make elaborate changes. After reading the Curb Appeal chapter, I found several ways to make my own home more appealing and create a better first impression. Darn good ideas make this book worth your reading time and, no doubt, will be the ticket to a quicker and more profitable sale.”
—Connie Anderson, author, editor, Words and Deeds, president

“I love this book. Chock full of common sense, it is useful not only for sellers but also those looking to simplify and make their home more appealing to everyone. I refer to it often and will recommend this book to all my friends, whether they are planning to move or not. It is the perfect handbook to help homeowners emphasize the best features of every home.”
—Kathleen Pettit, author, producer, community organizer

“Diane Keyes has been an important part of my marketing plan for more than twenty years. She has prepared hundreds of my listings, helping them to sell quickly and more profitably. Other realtors often compliment me on how well my listings show. The reason is clear— Diane Keyes. Following the advice in this book is the best investment you’ll ever make in your home.”
—Mary Sommerfeld, Master’s Circle Realtor®

“A must-read for all realtors who call themselves professionals, this book can help give you that competitive edge.”
—Peggy Sparr, Realtor®

“Pay close attention to the advice that Diane Keyes gives in This Sold House. Our own house sold for full price in three days after following Diane’s suggestions! You will find no one better qualified and with more experience to help you prepare your home for sale. Homeowners, real estate professionals, and investors alike will benefit from the insight and common sense in This Sold House.”
—Andi Saylor, Islamorada, Florida Keys, CRP and author of ON THE MOVE: The Complete Guide to Relocating

“If you are one of the millions of people who will sell their home this year, this book is an absolute must-have! I always thought that getting my house ready for sale meant spending lots of money—not true! As Diane Keyes points out, it’s not about having the right stuff that’s so important—it’s having your stuff in the right place! Diane takes you step-by-step through the whole process of getting MORE money for your home—and isn’t that what selling your home is all about?”
—Colleen Szot, author, TV scriptwriter

This Sold House clearly describes our own experience. After having been on the market for eight months without selling, we took Diane’s advice and our home sold in less than one week. The first person who saw the house bought it! Diane’s uncanny ability to recommend simple changes to enable a successful sale made an immediate and striking difference. We highly recommend Diane as well as her book.”
—Suzan McGinnis, attorney, collections librarian

“Nice work, Diane! I’ve been a commercial interior designer for ten years, but staging a house for sale is a different ballgame.”
—Beth Crumbaker, CID (Commercial Interior Designer)and project manager

“We did everything on Diane’s list, except for one thing, and we sold our home the day it went on the market, even though there were two homes on our street that had been for sale for six months. The buyer’s agent actually asked if he could bring his girlfriend over to see the best-staged home he’d seen in his twenty years of real estate!”
—Caroline Severson, mortgage associate

“I highly recommend Diane’s book. I always thought that staging was just about making the property look pretty, nicely decorated, or simply neat and tidy. As Diane points out, it also means removing obstacles, increasing the sense of space and flow, neutralizing decorating extremes, anticipating potential buyer objections and, most importantly, getting inside the head of the buyer. She brings a whole new dimension to staging with her understanding of the psychology of a home sale. You’ll attract more buyers with This Sold House.
—Jeff Jackson, Mortgage Lender, Durango, Colorado

“Diane has a wonderfully perceptive way of not only seeing the problems and potential, but also tapping into the spirit of a space and its occupants. Filled with great suggestions and attention-grabbing stories that make everything more real because we can all relate to them, I’ll remember This Sold House when it’s time for us to leave the home we love so much.”
—Ken Ekstein, LISW; social worker, artist, environmentalist

“With logical, easy-to-understand instructions, This Sold House is the best-written book I have seen on staging. Sellers that implement her suggestions will sell their homes more quickly and for more money than those who don’t. If you are preparing to sell your home, this book is a must-read.”
—Dan Burt, Realtor®

“We followed her advice and the results were dramatic. The things we changed were not expensive, but still allowed us to transform the house into an inviting space in just three weeks while we both worked full-time. The house sold the first weekend, at list price, with multiple offers.”
—Suzanne Egan and Cort Martin, homeowners

“Diane helped us quickly sell two houses over the past year. There’s both an art and a science to staging your house for a quick, full-value sale. Trust an expert with a proven track record and follow her advice!”
—Aaron Latto, second vice president, Travelers Insurance

This Sold House would be extremely beneficial for sellers to have before listing their homes, and it’s a great gift to give sellers when doing a market analysis for them.”
—Sheryl Vogesser, Realtor®

“Geared toward getting the most revenue from a sale using every day common sense ideas, this book should be required reading for all agents.”
—Bill Ivory, Realtor®

“This book is truly a JOY. Every seller needs this step-by-step guide to making their home irresistible to potential buyers; its pages are filled with priceless and easy-to-take advice for the quickest sale at the highest profit. This Sold House a quick and enjoyable read; some of her anecdotes are so funny that I laughed out loud. Sellers will be left feeling optimistic and more empowered with each turn of the page — you won’t want to make a move without her.”
—Jane Duden, educational consultant, author and educator