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How Can It Be

How can it be? After nearly 22 years of meeting family and friends at Wendy’s every week, I still end up dissolving in tears almost every Thursday? This week was no exception.

Although we never planned it this way, Mom and I often manage to get to lunch first. I’m guessing we both want to be there just a little early to welcome everyone.  Because school is out for Christmas, Vincent and Josie were with us and excited to see who would be coming to lunch. They always are. We gathered a number of tables together, sat down, and began to chat.  We never order right away because it’s fun to wait and see who comes. But soon my brother, Gary, my sister Gail, my cousin Patty, Tom, the kids and I were ready to eat.  Just as we were getting up to order our lunch, my niece, Ashley, walked in with a big smile on her face and her infant daughter, Quinn, in tow. My mom, with tears in her eyes, squealed in delight.  “Oh, Ashley, you’re come all the way from Farmington, (about an hour south of the Twin Cities) to join us, thank you, thank you. Where’s Olivia? “Well,” Ashley said, “Olivia is in daycare and I have the day off so I thought I’d bring Quinn to lunch while the roads were good and I had the chance.”

We spent almost two hours talking about Quinn and the wonders of new life.  She is just a little peanut and, at seven months old, weighs not much more than her mom, Ashley, weighed when she was born.  Vincent was enthralled. He LOVES babies and little Quinn seemed to know that.

He sat with her on his lap for at least a half hour.  Now this is a kid who never stops moving. Diagnosed with ADHD, he has a hard time focusing, much less sitting still. But sit still he did, looking, as you can see, completely at ease and happy to have his newest cousin in his arms.  When we left, he danced out the door singing “I’m the luckiest boy in the world nobody has better cousins than me.”

But the best part for me came Thursday night when I called mom for our evening phone chat.  The first thing she said was” Wasn’t lunch great today? I cry every time I think of how Vincent looked, holding little Quinn. We are so lucky to witness these small moments week after week.” Mom’s right, we are lucky.